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Back in 2014 when I was blessed with my first child, I was looking forward to give him something that would last his lifetime and more. I was keen to present him with a gift that would outlive me and give him a sense of how time had frozen, since his birth. A gift that was affordable, and a memory that every individual could cherish across many milestones of one’s life such as birthdays, engagements, weddings, childbirth, house warming, elder’s blessings and the list goes on, wherein the precious gift needs to be venerated forever.

These thoughts played a major role when I started my entrepreneurial venture ‘Reflections’ in June of 2017, to create life lasting memories…! Reflections involves preserving the precious milestones and freezing its related memories of your loved ones by immortalizing them in stone with metallic finishes in gold, silver and bronze colors. These product capture time and help you create the nostalgic moments, exclusively yours and shared with your near & dear ones!

We endeavour to create exotic casting keepsakes of these moments that are true to life !

3D castings are a fun, easy way to imprint hands & feet of yourself and your loved ones. Though the origins of the art are unclear, it has widely gained popularity in the western world as a unique way to preserve memories.

Hands of all age groups make beautiful castings and are all the more unique when they celebrate a special occasion. We don’t think there would be any disagreement on this expression!

Create beautiful hand or foot 3D life-sized Impressions in the comfort of your home. Mould produces one highly detailed, 3-dimensional, life-sized replica of adult’s hand or multiple casts of kid's hands and feet. After moulding process is completed, decorate as desired with paint. You can even mount the statuette on a base of your choice. Images and visuals can't capture the 3-dimensional dynamics in the way, that Reflections does it for you.

Over 100 families.

We have proudly brought treasurable smiles to more than 100 families since 2017.

Countless Pairs Of Hands

The bliss of seeing so many satisfied faces has endeavoured us to aim for more happy families

Immortal Memories

An opportunity to preserve that special feeling for years together.


We all want to preserve our memories in some way or the other, through a picture or a video of our new born. Reflections, as Manasa, the Founder narrates, is about capturing precious moments that are close to our heart and turn them into everlasting memories.

Reflections, captures the beauty of your loved ones with a detailed 3D casting that makes for a perfect gift for Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements, Baby Shower, Baby Birth and other special occasions.

Reflections take you to this new era of 3D memories. With a promise to improvise each day, Reflections products touch lives of all those who wish to enclose their priceless moments for future.

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